Talked to this guy a lot last night. Venting about others’ bull shit that’s been dragging us down. Realizing that we’re practically dealing with idiots, lost focus of who we are, what we want, like & unfortunately letting assholes get the best of us.

I’ve been in this studio for a few days now. I really like Edmond. Mostly, I can go anywhere around town & not run into anyone. I’m not a fan of awkward run-ins. They’re still pretentious as fuck here. It’s more funny than annoying because they think they’re class. After living in California & dealing with egos the size of the universe. It’s just cute to see a guy correct me on how to pronounce CHIANTI.

It’s KEY-ahn-Taiyyyyyyy


cock sucker…

  1. katecolleen said: Got to the end and laughed out loud in bed at “cock sucker” because I’m twelve.
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